is any penalty value available to avoid a word break in a last line of a paragraph like below?

enter image description here

  • you could enter it as \mbox{investment} to prevent hyphenation of it. – Steven B. Segletes Dec 9 '20 at 16:17

Both comments a bove provide the correct answer depending on whether you want only to "avoid/discourage" (use \finalhyphendemerits) or prevent (\mbox). However do not use \mbox to keep several words together, because then the spaces inside will not stretch or shrink but the other spaces in the line may. So if you really want to keep the last 2 or 3 words together you need something ugly like


(ignoring here that the words in my example are too short for hyphenation).

\finalhyphendemerits only makes that break less likely but will never prevent it if nothing else is feasible.

ps. if your text is real, then note that there is a space missing after one sentence ending.

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