I am finalizing a document for an AIP journal on overleaf, so I am using the aip documentclass.

% jmp,
% bmf,
% sd,
% rsi,
% Conference Proceedings

I also have this in my preamble to setup my bibliography.

\newcites{New}{The other list}


\crefname{appendix}{supplementary material}{supplementary materials}
\Crefname{appendix}{Supplementary Material}{Supplementary Materials}

In my main document, I have a bibliography at the end. This works fine, but in my two appendices I want to also have a bibliography, one for each appendix (labeled supplementary material).


When I insert my first appendix, I try to insert the second bibliography.


in Supplementary Material A now... after I have my text I want to have the second bibliography that still is titled References.


But when I try to use \citeNew{} in the text of Supplementary Material A nothing happens. There's not even an error message. Maybe I'm setting it up wrong? Here is the link describing how to use multibib on Overleaf. I've already asked Overleaf for technical support, but have yet to hear back; I posted this here to hopefully get a quicker reply.

Ultimately I will need to do something similar for Supplementary Material B.


This has nothing to do with Overleaf? multibib just seems not compatible with revtex.

multibib package gving me an error "Extra \fi"

Multiple bibliographies in Revtex 4.1

  • yes I found that out recently – WnGatRC456 Dec 11 '20 at 20:06

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