Being relatively new to Latex, I try to implement the following expression:

enter image description here

To do so, I used the following code (while using the amssymb package):

\textbf{Y} = (\textbf{Y\textsubscript{\emph{v}}})\textsubscript{\emph{v} \in \emph{V}}

This shows the formula correctly, but the text that comes after this is still writter in subscript as well. Furthermore, this approach results in multiple errors:

 - Missing $ inserted
 - Extra }, or forgotten $
 - Latex error: something is wrong -- perhaps a missing \item 
 - Latex error: something is wrong -- perhaps a missing \item 
 - Missing $ inserted
 - Missing } inserted

Clearly, the structure of my formula is not correct. However, I don't see what it is.

Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong here and what I can do resolve it?


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I think you want the following:

\( % start inline math mode
\mathbf{Y} = (\mathbf{Y}_{v})_{v\in V} 
\) % end inline math mode

Do note that when TeX is in (inline or display) math mode, (a) the _ ("underscore") character should be used to initiate subscript material, (b) \mathbf rather than \textbf should be used, and (c) TeX typesets letters of the Latin alphabet in (math) italics by default.

For sure, don't use the text-mode commands such as \emph and \textsubscript while in math mode.

enter image description here

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