I would like to draw a diagram for packets scheduling in networks similar to the this one:

enter image description here

The same type of diagram (or very similar) can be used also for tasks scheduling.

Can you please indicate a template for this? Or a resource I could use.

Thanks a lot. The copyright for the image belongs to the authors from here.


sketch of an incomplete solution, to optimize



\begin{tikzpicture}[xscale=1,transform shape]

\draw [-latex](-0.5,0) coordinate(dd)-- (0,0) coordinate (O1) -- (17,0)coordinate(ff) node[above]{$t$};
\draw [dashed,thick] (O1) -- (0,1) coordinate(S3) -- (0,3) coordinate(S2) -- (0,5) coordinate(e3) -- ++(0,1)coordinate(ff2);

\foreach \nn in{S3,S2,e3}{
\draw [thick] (dd|-\nn) node[above]{\nn}-- (\nn-|ff);

\foreach \xx in{1,2,...,16}{
\draw[dashed] (\xx,0) -- (\xx,0|- ff2);

\foreach \xx in{0,4,8,...,16}{
\draw[dashed] (\xx,0.2) -- (\xx,-0.2) node[below]{\xx 0};

\node[ above right=0.4cm and 0cm of e3,right,draw, minimum width=4cm,minimum height=0.8cm,fill=white](n3a) {$3=f(e_3)$};
\draw[-latex,thick] (n3a.north west) -- ++(0,0.5)node[right]{$a^{e3}_{3=f(e3)}$};

\coordinate(O2) at (2,0);
\node[ above right=0.4cm and 0cm of O2,right,draw, minimum width=4cm,minimum height=0.8cm,fill=white](n4a) {$4=f(s_2)$};
\draw[-latex,thick,green] (n4a.north west) -- ++(0,0.5)node[right,fill=white]{$a^{S2}_{f(S2)}$};
\draw[-latex,thick,blue] ([xshift=2.7cm]n4a.north west) coordinate(bb1)-- ++(0,0.5)node[right,fill=white]{$a^{S2}_{3=f(e3)}$};
\draw[dashed,red] (n3a.south east) -- (bb1);
\node[right=0cm of n4a,right,draw, minimum width=4cm,minimum height=0.8cm,fill=white](n3b) {$3=p(e_3)$};

\coordinate(O3) at (0.5,0);
\node[ above right=0.4cm and 0cm of O3,right,draw, minimum width=4cm,minimum height=0.8cm,fill=white](n1) {$1=f(s_2)$};
\node[right=0cm of n1,right,draw, minimum width=4cm,minimum height=0.8cm,fill=white](n5) {$5$};
\node[right=0cm of n5,right,draw, minimum width=4cm,minimum height=0.8cm,fill=white](n4b) {$4=p(S2)$};
\node[right=0cm of n4b,right,draw, minimum width=4cm,minimum height=0.8cm,fill=white](n3c) {$3$};



enter image description here


rtsched.sty gives you a high-level syntax for drawing scheduling diagrams in TikZ. Just install the package in your tex distribution or copy the .sty file in your project.


The docfile in the repo has plenty of concrete working examples: https://github.com/glipari/rtsched/blob/master/rtsched-doc.tex

To see the rendered pictures from the examples, just compile the docfile with your TeX compiler.

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    Please add how one can solve the given problem with this package, for example you can add a MWE ... – Mensch Feb 1 '17 at 11:32

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