tl;dr: I am looking for the datatool equivalent of what, in pure SQL, would be SELECT MembershipType FROM members WHERE ID = 1.

I have a problem with datatool. I can load and loop through my db with no problem, but I need to access and check against a specific row. Consider the following MWE:



                  {% begin of db foreach loop
                  \DTLifstringeq*{\MembershipType}{Honorary}{{\ID~\Name: No Payment (Honorary Member)\\}
                      {\ID~\Name: Full Payment (No Parent)\\}
                      Reduced Payment (Parent = \HasParent)\\
                 } % end of db foreach loop


My db consists of five members:

ID Name MembershipType HasParent
1 Alpha Honorary N
2 Bravo Regular N
3 Charly Regular N
4 Delta Regular 2
5 Echo Regular 1

I have both "honorary" and "regular" members, as well as discounts for children, whose parent is also a regular (full) member. Based on the provided sample data, A. should pay nothing (=honorary) while B. and C. pay full. D. pays a reduced fee, because of parent B., but E. should pay full, since his parent A. is not a fee-paying member to begin with.

In my document, I first exclude "Honorary" members, and then check to see if \HasParent == N for all "Regular" members. This works fine, except for Echo: How can I additionally check against Echo's Parent's MembershipType? As I've said above, in SQL a simple SELECT MembershipType FROM members WHERE ID = 1 would suffice, but unfortunately I don't know how to do that with datatool.

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