The endnotes package interferes with headers text, but only if the document has an odd number of pages. Here is a minimal working example:




\title{My Title}

\author{My Name}



First page

\endnotetext{first note}


Second page

\endnotetext{second note}


Third page

\endnotetext{third note}



On the last page where the end notes are printed, the header becomes "Notes" instead of "My Title". If however I remove the third page (or add a 4th one) then the header shows the author name (as it should be).

I believe that this is related to Endnotes and headers

I tried the two fixes there: \addtoendnotes{\protect\markboth{Note}{Note}} makes no difference and \def\notesname={\relax} crashes latex (unless I put it near the top of the file, in which case it makes no difference).

Many thanks for your help!


\theendnotes adds a mark when it executes the \enoteheading command which does the job of printing the header with \notesname. Without any other hook, the simple thing to do would be to redefine \enoteheading as follows:


Incidentally, your command \def\notesname={\relax} is actually defining \notesname with a template requiring = to follow it. The = doesn't belong there. In general, it's better to stick with the LaTeX commands for defining/redefining commands than to drop down to the plain TeX \def.

  • Redefining \enoteheading as explained by @DanHosek solved the problem.
    – underflow
    Dec 21 '20 at 19:48
  • 1
    For amsart I'd recommend also removing \mbox{}\par\vskip-\baselineskip, which is useless as the class does indent the first paragraph after a title. Actually the package should do \@afterindenttrue instead of that concoction.
    – egreg
    Dec 21 '20 at 22:44
  • @egreg I'm flying blind at the moment since my laptop had to go back in for repairs so I don't have a working TeX system at the moment. I was going for minimal changes without paying attention to what stuff was doing.
    – Don Hosek
    Dec 21 '20 at 22:56

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