I want to create a mindmap by using the following. I have never created a mindmap before.

I want to use \usetikzlibrary{mindmap,trees} But I think that I have a lot of things about this.

Question 1: Could you help me for creating a good mindmap (trees, or another style)?

Question 2: How can we do the picture in text width?

Main node: AREAS

Child nodes are:

  1. Signal processing i)Discrete ii)Continous
  2. Computer vision i)Data ii)Compressing
  3. Communication Engineering
  4. Biotechnology and bioinformatics
  5. Biomedical engineering
  6. Data analysis
  7. Management
  8. Electrical engineering
  9. Instrumentation & Control
  10. Transportation
  11. Civil engineering
  12. Astronomy
  13. Wavelet Networks
  14. Fractal analysis
  15. Numerical Analysis i)ODEs ii)PDEs iii) Integral Equations


                        concept color=yellow
    \node[concept] {AREAS}
        [clockwise from=10]
         child [concept color=pink]{node[concept] {Signal processing} }
          child [concept color=pink]{node[concept] {Computer vision} }
            child [concept color=pink]{node[concept] {Communication Engineering} }
            child [concept color=pink]{node[concept] {Biotechnology and bioinformatics } }
            child [concept color=pink]{node[concept] { Biomedical engineering} }
            child[concept color=orange!80] {node[concept] {Data Analysis}};
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    Your code it is not compilable. Please, can you edit it?
    – Sebastiano
    Dec 26, 2020 at 21:44
  • 2
    Why isn't AREAS your first node and what do you mean by 'smart'?
    – cfr
    Dec 27, 2020 at 4:00
  • Thanks for your interest. The post was edited.
    – 1_student
    Dec 27, 2020 at 10:11

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The following might help getting you started. However, the font sizes in the child nodes are extremely small, so maybe using an enumerated list as you did in your question is a better way to present this information in a more legible way:

enter image description here


                    concept color=yellow, 
                    level 1 concept/.append style=
                      {every child/.style={concept color=pink, 
                                           minimum size=0pt,
                                           text width=1.75cm},
                       sibling angle=-24},
                     level 2 concept/.append style=
                      {every child/.style={concept color=pink, 
                                           minimum size=0pt,
                                           text width=1.25cm},
                       sibling angle=-30}
    \node[concept] {AREAS}
        [clockwise from=-90]
         child{node[concept] {\hspace{0pt}Signal processing} 
             [clockwise from=-100] child {node[concept] {\hspace{0pt}Discrete}}
             child {node[concept] {\hspace{0pt}Continous}}}
         child{node[concept] {\hspace{0pt}Computer vision} 
             [clockwise from=-80] child {node[concept] {\hspace{0pt}Data}}
             child {node[concept] {\hspace{0pt}Compressing}}
         child{node[concept] {\hspace{0pt}Communication Engineering} }
         child{node[concept] {\hspace{0pt}Biotechnology and bioinformatics } }
         child{node[concept] {\hspace{0pt}Biomedical engineering} }
         child{node[concept] {\hspace{0pt}Data Analysis}}
         child{node[concept] {\hspace{0pt}Management}}
         child{node[concept] {\hspace{0pt}Electrical engineering}}
         child{node[concept] {\hspace{0pt}Instrumentation \& Control}}
         child{node[concept] {\hspace{0pt}Transportation}}
         child{node[concept] {\hspace{0pt}Civil engineering}}
         child{node[concept] {\hspace{0pt}Astronomy}}
         child{node[concept] {\hspace{0pt}Wavelet Networks}}
         child{node[concept] {\hspace{0pt}Fractal analysis}}
         child{node[concept] {\hspace{0pt}Numerical Analysis} 
             [clockwise from=200] child {node[concept] {\hspace{0pt}ODEs}}
             child {node[concept] {\hspace{0pt}PDEs}}
             child {node[concept] {\hspace{0pt}Integral Equations}}};


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