I am writing my bachelor thesis on Overleaf and it has a cover page and references at the end. The references appear correctly at the end, but the problem I have is that they are also being generated (duplicated) and appearing at the very top of the pdf file, when I compile.

This duplicate not only is not supposed to be there, but it also has page numbers (that fortunately do not influence the rest of the page numbering from the cover page on).

I have already cleared the cache and nothing changed.

How do can I delete the references at the top and only leave the final, correct one?

Here's my code (I apologize if this isn't a MWE, but I just don't know what could be creating the problem, given this is LaTeX):


\fancyhead[R]{TBATS Models for Predicting Time Series Uber Travel Times Data}
\usepackage[font=small, labelfont=bf]{caption}


\input{Title Page}



\printnoidxglossary[type=acronym, nonumberlist]


\chapter{Related Literature}





  \chapter{TBATS Models Parameters}

  \chapter{Plotted Residuals}

  \chapter{Data Attributions}

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    With BibTeX-based bibliographies (which you are using), the command \bibliography prints the bibliography. So if you have \bibliography{mybib.bib} in the preamble, LaTeX tries to print the bibliography in the preamble, this goes horribly wrong (there should be error messages) and results in the bibliography showing up before your actual document contents. Remove \bibliography{mybib.bib} from the preamble and place it only in your document where you want the bibliography printed. – moewe Jan 4 at 9:22
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    Unrelated to this issue, but still an error: You can only have one \bibliographystyle in your document. You have two: One in the preamble and one in the document body. Remove one (it doesn't matter which one, both positions are valid and there are valid arguments for either position). – moewe Jan 4 at 9:24
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    Since you mention Overleaf: Overleaf makes it pretty easy for users to ignore error messages. It will often still try to produce PDF output even if an error occurred and the number of errors is shown in a fairly small font next to the recompile button. (Pictures at tex.meta.stackexchange.com/q/7898/35864.) Do yourself a favour and look closely at the small icon next to the big "Recompile button" if there is a number highlighted in red, that means you have errors. Click on the icon and check the messages to find out what needs fixing. – moewe Jan 4 at 9:28
  • Thanks a lot! Now the problem that I have is that although references are not appearing anymore, but I still have a blank page (with a header with the title of the thesis at the top, and a page number 1 at the bottom) before the cover page. Any ideas? – Luiz Scheuer Jan 4 at 10:56
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    No, sorry, not with the code shown so far. Check if there are errors that could explain this. You could try moving \glsaddall to after the title page, but the command should not produce any visible output where it is used, so it should not be an issue here. – moewe Jan 4 at 12:08

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