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how can I draw this organization chart by using "forest"? or other methods?


Here is a solution with pstricks:

\documentclass[svgnames, table]{article}


\hfill\chartbox{A}{A}\hfill\chartbox{B}{B}\hfill\chartbox{C}{C} \hfill\null\vskip 2cm

\psset{linewidth=1pt, linecolor=LightSteelBlue, linejoin=1, arrows=->, arrowinset=0.12}
\psset{armB=1.1cm, angleA=-90, angleB=90}


enter image description here


enter image description here

This is simple diagram. You need to load forest with option edges (for forest library edges, which define forked edge) :

\documentclass[tikz, border=5pt]{standalone}

  for tree={
% tyle of nodes
    draw = teal, semithick,
    font = \sffamily,
    text width = 18mm, text badly centered,% <-- "align=center" doesn't work
    inner sep = 3mm,
% style of tree (edges, distances, direction)
    parent anchor = north,
    parent anchor = north,
            grow' = north,
             edge = teal!50,
    forked edge,            % for forked edge
            s sep = 4mm,    % sibling distance
            l sep = 8mm,    % level distance
         fork sep = 4mm,    % distance from parent to branching point
  [D        % root

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