What font is used in my CV? How can I look up the default font used in a document? See the sample below. How can I set that font to be used in scrlttr2?

  fontsize=12pt, % Schriftgröße
  version=last%  % Neueste Version von KOMA-Skript verwenden



\ecvName{Frieder Nikolaisen}

        %%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
        %%% Person
        %%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
        \ecvEPR{Name}   {Test, Nobody}  


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Using pdffonts on the template in the documentation shows

> pdffonts /usr/local/texlive/2020/texmf-dist/doc/latex/ecv/template/CV-template_de.pdf
name                                 type              encoding         emb sub uni object ID
------------------------------------ ----------------- ---------------- --- --- --- ---------
LCEJLX+NimbusSanL-Regu               Type 1            Custom           yes yes no      15  0
YLHMNN+CMMI10                        Type 1            Custom           yes yes no      21  0
SYYANF+CMSY10                        Type 1            Custom           yes yes no      24  0
PBWWGV+NimbusSanL-Bold               Type 1            Custom           yes yes no      27  0

which points to \usepackage{helvet} and, indeed, at line 72 of ecv.cls we see


It is the Helvetica clone available in the standard TeX distributions.

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