I understood how to use \ label {} and \ ref} to get the number of a section or subsection. I would like to know if it was possible to also obtain the title of a section or sub-section. For example (see VI.1 Test) where Test the title of the subsection

  • Take a look at the nameref package. – leandriis Jan 6 at 11:27

Use hyperref or cleveref packages.


You can define a \newcommand to fit your need:

\newcommand{\myref}[1]{(see \autoref{#1}~\nameref{#1}, p.~\pageref{#1})}
  • thanks for your response. can I remove the frame that surrounds the reference in the final document, – Nicolas Jan 6 at 14:46
  • Sure! Use \hypersetup{colorlinks=true}. See hyperref documentation. – NBur Jan 6 at 14:52

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