I am using TexMaker and I want my editor to auto-complete the \parencite{} command for biblatex for any number of arguments.

I already added \parencite{#bib#} in User > customize Completion, but I want auto-completion for comma-separated sources. By example:

\parencite{fooBar2020, BazBuzz2021}
\parencite{fooBar2020, BazBuzz2021, [more arguments]}

Is there a way to achieve that?

  • Does it work for other built-ins like \cite? If not, that would probably be something to contact the developers about. – moewe Jan 6 at 16:12
  • @moewe Good point. It is not supported by cite. Probably not implemented at all? Do you know some editor which implements it? – Olivier Melançon Jan 6 at 16:14
  • You might want to try TeXstudio, whose auto-complete features are slightly more customisable than TeXmaker's. But I'm the wrong person to ask about editors, I usually use Notepad++ or TeXworks (and Emacs when I'm feeling bold). – moewe Jan 6 at 16:22
  • 2
    TeXstudio's autocompletion supports comma-separated list in \cite{...}, and will auto work for \parancite if biblatex package is loaded. For any user defined commands, add \parencite{keylist}#c to a .cwl file under specific path. – muzimuzhi Z Jan 6 at 17:56
  • @muzimuzhiZ Do you want to type up a quick answer explaining that at least TeXstudio does the desired thing? – moewe Jan 7 at 9:09

(This is an extended version of my previous comment.)

I'm not familiar with TeXMaker, but TeXstudio does the desired thing. That is, in TeXstudio,

  • auto-completion for comma-separated citations in \cite{...} is supported,
  • if package biblatex is loaded, then that in \parencite{...} is also supported.

Moreover, suppose you have \newcommand\mycite[2][]{\cite[#1]{#2}}, then you can make TeXstudio's auto-completion support \mycite by adding

\mybib[post note]{bibid}#c

to a .cwl file under TeXstudio's config path and mark it autoloaded in Configure -> Completion.

Related TeXstudio docs:

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