I want to write 1 mHz to 1Hz using SIrange but I am unable to do so even after using the code given on the following link: Different single prefix in SIrange

Using that, if I write \SIrange{0.001}{1}{\hertz} in the text, I get result as 1mHz to 1mHz if I try \SIrange{1}{1000}{\milli\hertz}; then it gives an error called 'Exponent 0 can not be converted'


    exponent-to-prefix = true,zero-decimal-to-integer,
    round-mode=figures, scientific-notation=engineering,
%   output-exponent-marker=\ensuremath{\,\mathrm{e}}

Where I would like 1 \si{\milli\hertz} to 1\si{\hertz}

Thank you in advance.



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