Using \textcite with biblatex in beamer it creates a footnote with the citation, that appears at the end of the slide. Using it with columns, the footnote stays inside the column, breaking the layout. If I use it in blocks, it stays inside the block, with the same problem.

How should biblatex be used in beamer to obtain a good result?

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If your problem is solved by using the [frame] option for \footnote, you can redefine the internal command calling footnotes in biblatex to do that for you automatically.


\usepackage[backend=biber, style=verbose]{biblatex}

    {\blx@warning{Nested notes}%


      Lorem \textcite{sigfridsson}
      ipsum \textcite{nussbaum}

    dolor \textcite{worman}

Two columns with frame footnotes.


The problem is related to how footnotes are managed by beamer. A workaround I found to solve this problem is to define this command:


And then use \citef{key} instead of \textcite{key}. It is not maybe the most elegant solution, but it works.

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