I have a csv-file called test_csv.csv which has this content:


I would like to print it with LaTeX and csvautobooklongtable but wihin a pandoc-workflow.

The pandoc-template (pandoc-csv.latex) is this:

\csvautobooklongtable[before table=\ttfamily,respect all]{$pathtocsv$}

The path to the csv-file is in an extra yaml-file (my.yaml):

pathtocsv: test_csv.csv

Since I only have metadata I would like to print there is an empty markdown dummy-file which seems to be necessary (dummy.md) for pandoc.

I do the conversion via CLI and

pandoc my.yaml --template pandoc-csv.latex  dummy.md --pdf-engine=lualatex -o pandoc-csv.pdf

The problem is that pandoc converts the underscore from the path name and it cannot be read in my latex document.

! Package csvsimple Error: File 'test\_csv.csv' not existent, not readable , or empty!.

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You need to to tell pandoc, that the string is already latex to avoid further escaping:

pathtocsv: "`test_csv.csv`{=latex}"

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