I'm using this template in my exams.


%########### PREAMBULE #####################

%Choix math\'ematiques

%%---- Dimensions des marges ---

% Choix de la langue

%Choix de formatage: INDEX


%%Insertion de figure

%Style de la bibliographie

% Pour XY-pic



\newtheorem{remark}{ Remarque}
\newtheorem{exemple}{\bf Exemple\/}
\newcommand{\DD}{\mathbb D}
\newcommand{\TT}{\mathbb T}
\newcommand{\RR}{\mathbb R}
\newcommand{\NN}{\mathbb N}
\newcommand{\CC}{\mathbb C}
%\pagestyle{fancy} %%\lhead{Cours Algèbre T.1 - ..... }
%%%\chead{\textbf{Introduction générale}}
%\fancyfoot[R]{contenu} %\lhead{\textbf{Chapitre 1: Notions de
%logique }} \rhead{\textbf{A.U: 2017/2018}}
  \lfoot{\textbf{Examen d'Algèbre N°1 - Techno. 1 - 12 Janvier 2021} } %\rfoot{\textbf{Page 1/2 }}
%%\fancyhead[L]{\LaTeX \quad C'est super!} \fancyhead[R]{Académie de
\fancyfoot[R]{\textbf{page \thepage/\pageref{LastPage}}}

\vskip 2 cm  {\large\ding{95}} {\large\ding{95}}
\emph{\textbf{\underline{Bon travail}}} {\large\ding{95}}


I want to add in the top of the page the following two tables with the Logo of my Faculty like this

enter image description here

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    Your MWE is not related to showed picture. That we can reproduce it, we need to rewrite tables from scratch (what is not fun) . So, please be so kind, and provide code for content of the left and right table. Also, please remove in your MWE all what is not related to tables. – Zarko Jan 9 at 20:40

Here is an approach using nested tabulars that could serve as a place to start from:

enter image description here





  \cline{1-1}  \cline{3-3}
    text \\
    text \\
    text \\
    text \\
    text \\
    text \\
  & &
    text & \\ \hline
    text & \\ \hline
    text & \\ \hline
    text & \\ \hline
    text & \\ \hline
    text & \\ 
  \cline{1-1}  \cline{3-3}


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