This is a follow up question of Tick labels not showing when using `contour gnuplot` and `axis line = middle`. The difference is that I added the grid lines in the code. However it is not drawing it.

    \begin{tikzpicture} \begin{axis}[
    axis lines = middle,
    enlarge x limits,
    xlabel=$x$, ylabel=$y$,
    % grid
    grid = both,
    grid style = {line width = .1pt, draw = gray!10},
    major grid style = {line width = .2pt, draw = gray!50},
    ticks = both,
    minor tick num = 4,
    domain y=-3:3,
    contour gnuplot={levels={-1,1},labels=false},
    thick,samples=50,samples y=50,
    ] {x^2-x*y};

I tried to move the order of the lines, but it doesn't solve it. What can I do to draw the grid lines?


How about a plain Asymptote solution? PS: I am sure there is a pgfplots way if you look at its 571-page documentation carefully enough.

enter image description here

import math;  // for grids
import contour;
// grid and subgrid

// axes, dashed line and labels
label("$1$",(1,0),SE); label("$-1$",(-1,0),NW);
label("$2$",(0,2),W); label("$-2$",(0,-2),NW);

// plotting graph of implicit function
real f(real x, real y){return x^2-x*y;}
pair A=(-3,-3), B=(3,3);
real[] c1={1}, c2={-1}, c={0};
draw(contour(f,A,B,c,300),purple); // 2 asymptote straight lines
label("The graph of $x^2-xy=C$",truepoint(S)+(0,-.5));


Update For "auto ticks", I add the grid and subgrid using Step=1, step=.2 in LeftTicks, RightTicks of the xaxis and yaxis command. The module graph must be loaded. Compiling time seems a bit slower.

enter image description here

// http://asymptote.ualberta.ca/
import graph;
import contour;

real f(real x, real y){return x^2-x*y;}
pair A=(-3,-3), B=(3,3);
real[] c1={1}, c2={-1};
draw(A--B^^(0,A.y)--(0,B.y),purple); // 2 asymptote straight lines

pen thin=gray+linewidth(.2pt);
pen verythin=lightgray+linewidth(.2pt);
xaxis("$x$",BottomTop,LeftTicks(begin=false,end=false,Step=1,step=.2,extend=true, ptick=verythin,pTick=thin));

label("The graph of $x^2-xy=C$",truepoint(N)+(0,.5));
  • do you need to make the tick labels manually? Jan 10 at 19:50
  • @FacebFaceb I like to make tick manually, to get exactly what I like to tick and label. Of course, auto ticks and labels can be made using import graph; see here asymptote.sourceforge.io/FAQ/section6.html if you are interested. (I though you are still waiting a pgfplots solution)
    – Black Mild
    Jan 10 at 19:58
  • yes I am waiting for a solution with contour gnuplot and pgfplots, but I was just curious about this package Jan 10 at 20:21
  • @FacebFaceb this may be helpful for your pgfplots figure (grids) latexdraw.com/linear-regression-in-latex-using-tikz
    – Black Mild
    Jan 20 at 15:36

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