I have been asked to change my bibliography style to something like this:

T. M. Doe and A. Smith. Classification of molecular devices. Anal. Chem., 10, 1-8, (2018).

So: abbreviated first names before last name, article title, abbreviated and italicized journal names, bold volume numbers, page numbers, and year in parentheses.

I am only somewhat familiar with latex and biblatex in general. I've tried looking through the existing styles, and none seem to exactly match. Is there a style that does match? If not, is there a way to customize the format?

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    You have tools in biblatex, and the xpatch package has commands to patch bib macros or bib drivers.
    – Bernard
    Jan 10, 2021 at 15:29

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You could start with the phys bibliography style and adjust the title, journal and punctuation.


\usepackage[backend = biber, style = phys]{biblatex}

    author  = {Doe, T M and Smith, A},
    title   = {Classification of molecular devices},
    journal = {Anal. Chem.},
    volume  = {10},
    pages   = {1-8},
    year    = {2018}



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