This question could be a continuation of the answer given by @egreg in this link Two different calligraphic font styles in math mode.

In my book I use both \mathcal{} and \pazocal{} commands for the calligraphic math symbols. This afternoon I have seen that package has also of the calligraphic font the P.

Is it possible to declare in math-mode a third calligraphic math symbol using the macro of named \DEP like this image (pag. 92 of the manual):

enter image description here

I just need only for the P and the other letters if they exist (but I doubt that they will exist), how must I to do without disturbing the commands \mathcal and \pazocal?

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The font is musix24 and the character's slot is 34.


% the font is musix24, but it has to be scaled
\DeclareFontShape{U}{musix}{m}{n}{<-> s*[1.7] musix24}{}
% the character has zero width, so we need an explicit space
  \mspace{2mu}% a small sidebearing
  \mspace{2mu}% a small sidebearing



% show the bounding box


enter image description here

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