I am using the style Bath with Biblatex, however I wish to remove a comma from way references are listed. For now my references show:

enter image description here

However my university requires:

ORTON, C. & HUGHES, M. 2013. Pottery in Archaeology, ...

So I want to remove the comma between the names and the date. For now, my reference packages and such look like:

\DeclareDelimFormat[parencite]{nameyeardelim}{\addspace} %PRBL TO SOLVE when \citaltp
\renewcommand*{\postnotedelim}{\addcolon} %\addcolon\space if 
\AtBeginBibliography{\let\mkbibnamefamily\textsc} %Last name in Upper Case in reference list


As said... \citep[]{orton_pottery_2013}


and with references.bib

    series = {Cambridge {Manuals} in {Archaeology}},
    title = {Pottery in {Archaeology}},
    isbn = {978-1-107-00874-8},
    publisher = {Cambridge University Press},
    author = {Orton, C. and Hughes, M.},
    year = {2013},
    lccn = {2012037613},}

Has anyone any idea how that can be done easily?


The \DeclareDelimFormat command is context-sensitive. You have to add the bib option.

  • Thanks, worked perfectly – EmR Jan 13 at 7:48

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