I would like to put a full-page figure with height=\stockheight but the image is not vertically centered (it starts some cm under the top of the page and ends some cm under the bottom) and I can't remove the page header (I would like to keep the page number. Only remove other text like title of paragraph from the page header). I'm using Memoir. I would also like to remove the caption maintaining figure number and a label in it. Can be used \includepdf with some advantages? I've tried but the figure appear OVER text instead of on an independent page.

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I have managed to answer some of your desires taking advantage of @NBur's answer. Basically use the \afterpage macro to put the full height graphic on the next page.

% fullpageprob.tex SE 578678
\usepackage{afterpage} %% added
\usepackage{lipsum}  %% added

\newcommand{\myimage}{example-image-golden-upright} %% added

\chapter{A chapter}
\section{A section}

\textbf{LIPSUM 1-6}

\textbf{Called here for the full page image.}

\afterpage{\thispagestyle{plain}\clearpage} %% this is the key
\begin{figure}[!p] %% figure on a page by itself
\begin{picture}(0,0)  %% may need placement adjustment of contents
% \put(-\evensidemargin,-0.5\stockheight){\includegraphics[height=\stockheight]{\myimage}}
% \put(-0.8\textwidth,-0.5\stockheight){\includegraphics[height=\stockheight]{\myimage}}

\textbf{LIPSUM 7-14}

Different options are possible…

To keep only the page number, use \thispagestyle{plain}.

For the references, use \steprefcounter{figure} with \label.

\includepdf works well, with the option pagecommand.

I give a try with TikZ.

        \caption{Image A}

    With \verb|\includegraphics[height=\stockheight]{example-image-10x16}|
    doesn't work well…

    With \verb|\includepdf[pagecommand={\thispagestyle{plain}}]{example-image-10x16}|
    Fine. Page number overlays on the picture.

    With \verb|\includepdf[pagecommand={\thispagestyle{empty}}]{example-image-10x16}|
    No page number
    \begin{tikzpicture}[overlay, remember picture]
    \node at (current page.north) [anchor=north] {\includegraphics[height=\stockheight]{example-image-10x16}};
    \node [color=white] at ($(current page.north)!.5!(current page.center)$) {\Huge\bfseries With TikZ!};
    Check if ref work: \cref{fig:A}, \cref{fig:test}, \cref{fig:test2}, \cref{fig:test3}.

enter image description here

  • Thank you very much. But please help me a little more... I like your solution \includepdf[pagecommand={\thispagestyle{plain}}]{example-image-10x16} but I have put this command and the figure appear OVER the normal text instead of in a dedicated page. What's wrong? Must I put other code from yours? Commented Jan 13, 2021 at 16:32
  • Maybe try a \clearpage before the \includepdf?
    – NBur
    Commented Jan 13, 2021 at 16:39
  • I would like to maintain the advantages of having a floating environment, not breaking the chapter in two but having the text flowing from page x-1 to page x+1 without interruptions. I simply want a figure that fill the page instead of being inside the page. Now it require all the page, but not filling it. I want the image to be bigger, filling the page. Commented Jan 13, 2021 at 17:12

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