I use biblatex+biber with some custom orderings. In particular, I desire a very abbreviated bibliography style for my current document as it's very page limited---a grant proposal, basically. I have been able to set up the fields that I want and in the order that I want. But I don't know how to do two things.

  1. Remove initials: Instead of Anonymous Person being displayed as A. Person, I would like it to be simply Person.
  2. Remove the and conjunction. I'd like Smith and Thomas to be Smith, Thomas.

I am using giveninits=true as an optional argument which causes Anonymous to be reduced to A.. I'm guessing that some adjustment to this is required to solve 1.. An extremely hacky \renewcommand{\mkbibnamegiven}[1]{} removes the initials, however it does replace them with a single whitespace. I guess I can probably remove one piece of whitespace with further hacking. This doesn't seem like the correct way to solve 2., though.

I have looked on SE and through our friend the biblatex documentation, but to no avail. It seems like something like


should work. But it doesn't not. I get "Error: Bibliography macro '\isdot' undefined" and no names are printed.

I include as minimal a MWE as I dare---I don't want to risk removing more custom commands which may be having an effect.


    style = numeric,
    %   style = alphabetic,
    %   style = authoryear-comp,
    %   citestyle = authoryear-comp

\DeclareDelimFormat{finalnamedelim}{\addcomma\space}    % works on biblatex 3.7
%\DeclareDelimAlias{finalnamedelim}{multinamedelim}     % doesn't work on 3.7


    [article,book,inbook,incollection,inproceedings,patent,thesis,unpublished, online]
%   [article,book,inbook,incollection,inproceedings,patent,thesis,unpublished]


        author  = {Me, Andrew and Myself, Bethany and I, Charlie},
        title   = {BREAKTHROUGH MATHS},
        year    = {2025}


Citation: \cite{paper}



To remove the initials (for standard styles):


To remove "and" between authors:


A better solution, thanks to @moewe (see comments below):


Here is a minimal working example:


\DeclareDelimAlias{finalnamedelim}{multinamedelim}%thanks to @moewe

  • Ivan, you've sorted me out again! Thanks :) – Sam OT Jan 13 at 16:17
  • 1
    Instead of \DeclareDelimFormat{finalnamedelim}{\addcomma\space} I'd prefer \DeclareDelimAlias{finalnamedelim}{multinamedelim}, because that makes for a more consistent look if I later want to change multinamedelim. – moewe Jan 13 at 16:45
  • 1
    \DeclareNameAlias{sortname}{labelname} will add given name initials or full given names if family names alone are not unique and thus ambiguous, which I consider a good idea, but that might not be desired. In that case disabling the uniquename feature or defining a real name format that only prints the family name would be the way to go. – moewe Jan 13 at 16:47
  • @moewe Can I modify the answer taking into account your comment about finalnamedelim? it's definitely a better solution than mine. – Ivan Jan 13 at 17:17
  • You certainly can, Ivan. Just drop a note at the end of your proof to acknowledge improvement due to moewe. – Sam OT Jan 13 at 17:47

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