I have a problem with XeTeX and extra fonts installed with TexLive 2020, which are required for XeTex and LuaTeX. I work on Ubuntu 2020.

The file name I am referring to is texlive-fontconfig.conf. According to The TeX Live Guide—2020 or specifically the section 3.4.4 System font configuration for XeTeX and LuaTeX, I should copy the file to /etc/fonts/config.d/ (system-wide) or to ~/.fonts.conf (user-wide) and rename it as 09-texlive.conf. Then I should run sudo fc-cache -fs or fc-cache -f, respectively.

The syste-wide approach works Okey. I can compile a test file opentype-info.tex using XeTeX and produce a pdf file.

When I try to cache the same fonts just for a user, XeTeX reports that fonts are not loadable. I tried to re-open a terminal and even restarted the system but XeTeX still complains about missing fonts when I compile the same test file. Is there anything else I should do to make those fonts visible for XeTeX (and possibly LuaTeX)?

  • Please specify exactly which TeXLive you have installed. As the Ubuntu provided one and the TUG provided one (upstream) might not behave the same. – daleif yesterday
  • Just use LuaTeX and then there is no need to install texlive-fontconfig.conf in the first place. – Marcel Krüger yesterday
  • tlmgr --version retutns: tlmgr revision 57119 (2020-12-13 00:40:00 +0100), tlmgr using installation: [/path/to/]texlive/2020, and TeX Live (https://tug.org/texlive) version 2020 – Celdor yesterday
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    Instead of ~/.fonts.conf you could try the the more modern location ~/.config/fontconfig/conf.d. – Marcel Krüger yesterday
  • I edited my question. It's supposed to be ~/.fonts.conf; it was a typo. I have been following the user guide on installation TexLive, which currently states to copy a file to ~/.fonts.conf. They should update it! I also copied the fontconfig file to the location you suggested and it's working. So, many thanks for help. – Celdor yesterday

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