I'd like to do the same thing that is been done to the greek letter \chi in this post to the letter g. In particular I'd like to redefine g in mathmode to work as \chi here:

   \newcommand{\sub@chi}[2]{% #1 is _, #2 is the subscript
   \newcommand{\subsup@chi}[3]{% #1 is the subscript, #2 is ^, #3 is the superscript

You can do better than six years ago.

I define a generic macro for lowering the subscript as if a superscript is present.

For g, one needs to make it math active and supply a definition for it, with the common \lowercase trick. In order to save the standard math g, we need to copy its math code.


\linespread{1.1} % high subscripts and low subscripts

    \IfNoValueF{#2}{^{}}% neither ^ nor _, do nothing; if no ^ but _, add ^{}
    ^{#1}% add superscript if present
  \IfNoValueF{#2}{_{#2}}% add subscript if present
% chi
% g
\begingroup\lccode`~=`g \lowercase{\endgroup\def~}{\latexmathg\movedownsub}










$g_{A}\quad g_{A}^{2}\quad g^{2}_{A}\quad g^{2}\quad g$


enter image description here

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