I am working on a large document in Overleaf, and in order to keep an overview over the chapters, I have arranged them in a subfolder with a naming structure like this:





I am subsequently adding more chapters to this, and sometimes changing their order. Hence I was wondering if it's possible to automatically include all files in that subfolder in sorting order into the document? I have seen that it is possible in LaTeX only through bash scripts, so I figured this wouldn't work in Overleaf.

Or maybe I'm not seeing things clearly and there is an even better solution to this problem?

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    Overleaf-specific questions should be directed to Overleaf's helpdesk. I hear their LaTeX support staff is top-notch. – Mico Jan 15 at 11:02
  • In that case sorry for spamming this forum, I'll direct myself to their support then! – Cb31w01 Jan 15 at 12:20
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    Your document will not be very large presumably, maybe 20 chapters max? In such a case it would probably take you less time to just adjust one or two \include statements if something changes, instead of trying to create a fully automatic solution. – Marijn Jan 15 at 12:26

yes you can use those scripts, overleaf runs with shell-escape on linux texlive 2020 so for example


will list the filenames in the current folder.

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    I'm from the Overleaf Support team and I confirm that you can run basic shell scripts. However, I wouldn't recommend this: It adds another layers of code and makes things much more difficult to debug, with (IMHO) a negligible gain. – yo' Jan 15 at 13:58
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    @yo' yes I wouldn't disagree with that (which is one reason I only showed ls and left the processing as an exercise for the reader) also marijn's comment under the question. – David Carlisle Jan 15 at 14:02

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