I'm using the command \pagestype{myheadings} to make sure that the page header contains nothing else that the page number.

However, I can't manage to make the page number of the first page of chapter to be displayed up in the page corner.

Here is a sample code of what I'm doing so far:




\title{Test book}


    \chapter{First chapter}

Example image of the problem

Best rgards!

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    Welcome to TeX.SE. I appreciate that you gave a bit of sample code. For future questions, it would help if you gave a complete sample code. For this one, you've not shown us how you define myheadings, and not shown what package you're using to help you do that. – Teepeemm Jan 15 at 14:50
  • Do you want the page number to be in the corner for all pages, or just the first page of the chapter? Have you considered using the KOMA-Script class scrbook? – likethevegetable Jan 15 at 16:15

The book class uses the plain page style for the first page of the chapter. Here is the definition in book.cls:

     ----------->>  \thispagestyle{plain}%    <<-----------

There are at least two ways to change this.

Using the fancyhdr package and redefining the plain style (see pages 12-13 of the documentation).


Via etoolbox:


In fact this is equivalent to


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