When using back references, biblatex-chicago formats bibliography entries as "author, year, title. (Cited on page x)."

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Given that the back reference follows a period, it makes no sense to me that there's a period following the closing parenthesis. Instead, I think it should appear before the closing parenthesis, i.e. "author, year, title. (Cited on page x.)"

How can I change this? (I did not find any suitable options to change the formatting in the biblatex or biblatex-chicago documentations.)




    author={some author},
    title={some title},

  backrefpage = {cited on page}

\section{A section}
\textcite{somebook} showed that...


EDIT: I changed the title of my question from biblatex-chicago to biblatex because I later realised that what I wanted to change had nothing to do with biblatex-chicago.

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To achieve this we need two things. First of all we have to eliminate the final point. This can be done simply with


Then we must put the period before the closing parenthesis. This is less straightforward (as far as I know), as the pageref list format has a complex definition. So we define a new format, backrefpage, and then we modify the pageref macro thanks to the xpatch package:


You can achieve the same result with this:


However it seems to me a less correct solution (from a logical point of view).

  • Thank you. For posterity, it might be good if you could amend your answer by stating that the \DeclareFieldFormat and \xpatchbibmacro need to go into the body of the document. Commented Jan 16, 2021 at 9:30
  • 1
    No, those two commands go into the preamble, but he mistake was mine... Sorry, I forgot the last two empty groups in \xpatchbibmarco command ({}{}). I have corrected the answer.
    – Ivan
    Commented Jan 16, 2021 at 10:59

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