Here's a scheme in chemfig:

    \setchemfig{scheme debug=true}
        \ce{\textbf{E}}\arrow{->[][\scriptsize{\ce{CaF2, H2SO4}}]}[120]
        \ce{Na2SO4}, \ce{\textbf{K}}, \ce{\textbf{I}}
        \arrow(@c1--){->[\scriptsize{$t^o$}]} %here

I need to inverse the direction of the arrow from c1 to c8 (i.e. from E to C: marked in the code). How can I make the arrow go from C to E?

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    I can't run your code but have you tried using <- instead of ->?
    – campa
    Jan 16 at 16:36

The code doesn't compile as is and not only because of the missing \begin{document}. The command \ce is from mhchem and also chemmacros is not loaded that could afford compatibility, but is needed anyway.

This works:


%\setchemfig{scheme debug=true}


  \ch{\textbf{E}}\arrow{->[][\scriptsize{\ch{CaF2, H2SO4}}]}[120]
  \ch{Na2SO4}, \ch{\textbf{K}}, \ch{\textbf{I}}
  \arrow(@c1--){<-[\scriptsize{$t^o$}]} %here


Note <- instead of -> for the requested direction and \ch instead of \ce.

enter image description here

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