Using \usepackage[authordate,backend=bibtex8,babel=other,bibencoding=inputenc]{biblatex-chicago}

my bibliography looks like this: enter image description here

However, the citation norm I need to use requires a comma between author's name and the year, so I am trying to achieve

GOLEMAN, Daniel, 2014. Pozornost. Brno: Jan Melvil publishing. ISBN: 8087270943.

How can that be done?

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It can be difficult to modify biblatex-chicago without undesired side-effects, but this will probably work:


  author = {Goleman, Daniel},
  date = {2014},
  title = {Pozornost},
  location = {Brno},
  publisher = {Jan Melvil publishing},
  isbn = {8087270943}







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