I'm trying to have text such that

  • One set of paragraphs appear in the center of the page; when there is no more room, the text flows onto the next page (see blue area).
  • Left of that, text wrapped around the central text such that it flows from 1, to 2, to 3; then, on a new page, back to 1 again , and so forth (see red area).
  • Right side, text wrapped around the central text such that it flows from A, to B, to C; then, on a new page, back to A again , and so forth (see green area).

Ideally, the different texts would flow continually page by page (in their red, green or blue areas).

I suspect the solution is flowfram, and I've tried in vain to use this excellent answer but I'm just not managing it...

View of desired layout

  • Yes, for complex documents layouts like this flowfram could be the easier solution. Check if this example (with a different layout) help you to understand the syntax. The "but" is that you cannot have fully automatic text flows in blocks as 1, 2, 3 because the text width cannot be changed in the middle of a paragraph, so is your task ensure that every block have only complete paragraphs or place a \framebreak when needed. – Fran Jan 19 at 9:13
  • @Fran thanks so much: when I try, it seems like text goes from 3 to A. I understand why in most instances that would be useful but is there a way to have it so there are, essentially, three streams of text which are separate, though each appear on the page (if you see what I mean?) – alice19 Jan 19 at 14:04

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