I'm trying to improve conversion of my DOCX files with ZOTERO citation. My idea was to set custom citation format, to mimic tex style, so after the conversion to tex, I will have only to set my BIB file, without any manual changes in text. So the examplary citation looks as follows (still in DOCX file):

Here is a text in docx format with a styled citation \cite{author_date_word}

When I run docx2tex, I recive in TEX:

Here is a text in docx format with a styled citation \textbackslash cite\{author_date_word\}

As the docx2tex escape "problematic" characters and mess my attempt. In this particular case I want to have it kept in unchanged form. Regarding to documentation I have to disable it in conf.xml. I was successfully using this file to change simple things, like default imported library list, heading format etc. But as I'm xml newbie, I can't figure out the way to disable above mentioned replacement. Could you explain me how to do this?

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