I am including a single pdf page (the title of my thesis) with the package pdfpages :


But since I switched from report to memoir the page is not included, the first page of the resulting pdf if a blank page where "title.pdf" appears.

Do you know if there is an incompatibility between these two packages ?

  • Incidentally, memoir contains lots of options for creating custom title pages itself. This might be worth doing, since it will give you a more consistent look to the whole thing... – Seamus Nov 23 '10 at 11:28

The two packages can work together.

I think of these possible causes:

  • You use a draft class (or package option). In this case, the pdf page will not show up but the file name title.pdf would be printed instead. That fits to your description.

  • You use LaTeX instead of pdfLaTeX. When compiling to DVI, pdfpages would just insert an empty page. On could accidentally switch the output profile (easy in TXC).

I guess the first point might be the case, so I would check the document class option at first.

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  • You were right about draft ! Thanks. – Cedric H. Nov 23 '10 at 7:15

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