I am using


to include references in the file references.bib. This is what I get enter image description here I want to change the icons one by one. In other questions they use

\setbeamertemplate{bibliography item}[article]

but this changes all the icons at once.

¿How can I change each icon individually? I want to put my own icon, not the default ones since they don't match the style of the presentation. Ideally without using thebibliography since I already have the file references.bib.

  • As it currently is, your question is unfortunately a bit unclear. Do you want all article type references to have the same icon and all book type references the same icon, but different from the article one? Or do you want each and every entry to get an entirely different icon? Please clarify. – leandriis Jan 24 at 10:57
  • Since you mention not wanting to use thebibliography, would be switching to biblatex be an option for you? (tex.stackexchange.com/a/68084/134144 might be helpful.) – leandriis Jan 24 at 11:00

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