Consider the Process exited normally message after each successful compilation,

enter image description here

I would like to know how to create a command that can type messages like this in TeXstudio "Messages" terminal?

I need two versions of the command: one I can use inside a package file *.sty and the other to be used in my typical *.tex file after \begin{document}

P.S. I am using TeXstudio on Windows 10

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    That is impossible as stated: TeXstudio controls what goes here, not TeX, at least in the default configuration. You can change this in the options (Build → Show stdout: → Always (If not redirected > /dev/null)), but then you will the the normal command line output, which will go by rather quickly. What you can do is write something to the log file. If it is a warning or an error (in the usual format), TeXstudio will find it and display it in the Log tab, right next to the Messages tab. – schtandard Jan 24 at 20:21

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