I am using IEEEtran (with the conference option). I would like to remove a period at the end of the title.



This example results:

1. Section
1.1. Subsection
1.1.1. Subsubsection.

How I can remove the period after \subsubsection?


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The reason behind this stems from the difference between how \section and \subsection is set when compared to \subsubsection. The former two use a display style, while the latter uses a run-in style. In order to separate the sectional unit title/header from being too close to the content, IEEEtran mentions this in the class file:

\def\@IEEEsectpunct{:\ \,}  % Punctuation after run-in section heading  (headings which are
                            % part of the paragraphs), need little bit more than a single space
                            % spacing from section number to title
% compsoc conferences use regular period/space punctuation
\def\@IEEEsectpunct{.\ }

You can update \@IEEEsectpunct for "lower level headings" to just be (say) a space:

enter image description here




This is a display section.

This is a display subsection.

This is a run-in subsubsection.


Note that changing class styles for an article that will be submitted for print is not advised, since the journal will remove any special modifications anyway.

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