I'm trying to span the tcolorbox over entire page under each section. The MWE is as shown below (after referring to this answer)

        breakable,height fixed for=all,colback=white,arc=0mm,outer arc=0pt,width=1.01\linewidth,boxrule=.7pt,
        before upper={\parindent24bp},left=1.2pt,right=1.2pt,top=0mm,
    \section{Section 1}
    \section{Section 2}
        This is a short sentence in section 2, however, I would like the box to span the entire page as well.

section 1 section 1 page 2 section 2

However, as shown on the third page, the box does not expand to the entire page. I would like the box to span the entire page regardless of the length of the content.

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    According to the doc of tcolorbox, the doc for option height fill, "This height control key is only applicable to unbreakable boxes, ...". – muzimuzhi Z Jan 24 at 9:16
  • @muzimuzhiZ Thanks for the information! So can I achieve the result that the box extends to the entire page while breakable at the same whether it's using tcolorbox or whatever it works? – Charlie Lee Jan 24 at 10:25
  • The package doc says "no". Not sure if this could be easily extended. – muzimuzhi Z Jan 24 at 11:45
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    @muzimuzhiZ Alright, thanks for pointing out the core of this problem! I found a solution in tex.stackexchange.com/a/355196/216060 – Charlie Lee Jan 24 at 12:37
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    Using height fill (works for unbroken boxes only) together with height fixed for=all (works for broken boxes only) seems to meet OP's need. – muzimuzhi Z Jan 24 at 17:00

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