I have attempted to install vim-latex (Latex-suite) with Pathogen, though I seem to have (at least partially failed). I followed the instructions given in the answer here, though upon following them, help: latex-suite.txt yields the message E149: Sorry, no help for latex-suite.txt, which seems to indicate that latex-suite has not been installed properly. If I use :scriptnames, I get (among other things) the following lines:

 13: ~/.vim/bundle/vim-latex/plugin/SyntaxFolds.vim
 14: ~/.vim/bundle/vim-latex/plugin/filebrowser.vim
 15: ~/.vim/bundle/vim-latex/plugin/imaps.vim
 16: ~/.vim/bundle/vim-latex/plugin/remoteOpen.vim

which seems to contradict this, though the plugin itself does not seem to work. How should I go about fixing this. I am using vim on Ubuntu 20.04.


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I've put together a bunch of resources for writing LaTeX and Markdown in NeoVim on my YouTube channel and GitHub repo. These include a video series which demonstrate the resulting functionality of the configuration, as well as providing an installation guide, a configuration guide for adapting my configuration to your needs, and instructions for using Git to collaborate with others. I have also provided a Cheat Sheet with all of the key-bindings that I have included for writing LaTeX documents with NeoVim. I hope that this is of some use to you! Feel free to spread the word to others looking for contemporary tools for academic writing!

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