don't know if I stated the phrase in topic correctly so let me rephrase it. I added a graph to my document, obviously it needs a source. When I add a link (it contains special characters like _ ^ $ % - lets say as example. www.randompage.net/latex%questions/main_exercise.txt) lateX interprets them as they are put there on purpose. I would like them to be read like a simple string without interpretation

What Can i do besides replacing every single character with its counterpart (_ % etc.)?

  • Welcome to TeX.SX! Your question is not quite clear. Just a wild guess: Do you want to include a URL into your document? Then have a look at the hyperref package. Among others, it offers the macro \url{www.randompage.net/...}, which will typeset the characters correctly, will allow line breaks at appropriate points, and will make the URL clickable in the PDF. If this comment doesn't make any sense to you, please add a small complete LaTeX document to your question that illustrates your problem. – gernot Jan 25 at 18:18

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