I need the cam option of the crop package (not provided by memoir's trimmed sizes), but when I put memoir, geometry, and crop together, I get an option clash warning. Is there away to circumvent this and use all three packages?


    outer=24mm,         % Outer margin
    bindingoffset=10mm, % Binding offset
    top=24mm,           % Top margin
    bottom=24mm,   ]{geometry}     % Bottom margin

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Here are two possibilities:

  • Consult the memoir documentation and find out, how you can achieve what you want with memoir. In the docs, memoir is described as implementing the functionality of the crop package, maybe with other commands.

  • Below the \documentclass command, add the line


    Then memoir will not pretend anymore to implement crop. But there might be still interferences between memoir internals and the crop package. With the sample document, it seems to work.

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