Here shown an example of my problem







What I got is like this: What I got

I just wondering how to mange the color of the number inside the citation quotes

ABCD [1(colored)]
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    You have to change the citation style, but without knowing what style you are using and with which package it is difficult to give you an answer. Please show a mwe. – Ivan Jan 29 at 17:22
  • The default citation format depends on the citation package you load and possibly also on the citation style you load. Please show us a compilable example document that shows how you generate your bibliography and citations (an MWE: tex.meta.stackexchange.com/q/228/35864). – moewe Jan 29 at 17:25
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    Unfortunately, "XeLatex and bibtex" is by far not enough detail to be able to help you. Your best bet is to show us a short example document we can compile to see what you have at the moment. – moewe Jan 29 at 17:27
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    What color do you want for the citation call-out numerals? Do you maybe want the numerals to be colored hyperlinks to the corresponding entries in the formatted biblliography? – Mico Jan 29 at 18:16
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    @springcc - So, please do reveal how, i.e., with which options, you load the hyperref package? Does the document feature a \hypersetup instruction? If so, what are its arguments? Please feel free to edit your posting to backfill these important, but so far missing, pieces of information. – Mico Jan 30 at 6:25

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