A follow up question What's the best way to arrange LaTeX documents?

There are couples of characteristics to my data described in original question –

  1. Verse numbers are unique
  2. Authors name is unique
  3. For commentaries I created a unique identification number with a prefix c1, c2 etc to verse numbers.

This is how I arranged the documents, I used “Concatenate” in excel to create individual tex file structure shown below


\section{here verse 1 } \label{v1.1.1}
\section{here verse 2} \label{v1.1.2}   etc etc …. For all verses 

All commentaries by Author_Name_A

\paragraph{Here commentary 1 by Author A for verse 1 } \label{c1.1.1.1}
\paragraph{Here commentary 1 by Author A for verse 2 } \label{c1.1.1.2} etc etc ….

All commentaries by Author_Name_B

\paragraph{Here commentary 2 by Author B for verse 1 } \label{c2.1.1.1}
\paragraph{Here commentary 2 by Author B for verse 2 } \label{c2.1.1.2} etc etc ….

All commentaries by Author_Name_C

\paragraph{Here commentary 3 by Author C for verse 1 } \label{c31.1.1}
\paragraph{Here commentary 3 by Author C for verse 2 } \label{c31.1.2} etc etc ….

I ran these files separately in different directory – I got Aux files for each of the above TeX files. Which I copied into my working directory and created new TeX file called “All_Commentaries.TeX” which looks as below




This is how my main file looks like which produces desired output as shown in the attached image to original question.


\includeonly{ All_Commentaries}


\inclue{ All_Commentaries }
\include{ Author_Name_A}
\include{ Author_Name_B}
\include{ Author_Name_C}


Now my question are -

Is this approach scalable ? Are there any flaws in this approach, is there a better and efficient approach for this. Many times I get this error Package hyperref Warning: The anchor of a bookmark and its parent's must not (hyperref) be the same. Added a new anchor on input line 41. Your comments and suggestions to improve my work would be appreciated.

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  • Do you have the "data" (verses and commentaries) already in excel? – StrongBad Jun 1 '12 at 13:54
  • Yes I do have all the data in Excel. Its all unicode characters as well (Sanskrit) – Raama Jun 1 '12 at 14:45
  • Is there a reason for having all the commentaries in Excel, or in an external file at all? – aagaard Jun 1 '12 at 14:52
  • No there is no reason, I had to write \section{here verse 1 } \label{v1.1.1} in this way for latex I did not want to type 1000 times section{ & \label{v1.1.1} so I copied everything to excel, used concatenate feature and copied back to tex file just to save repeated typing. In the entire process described above - excel is used to save repeated typing thats all. – Raama Jun 1 '12 at 14:54