I want to create a template for a book document class (not beamer) where the entire book is written in numbered frames. Below is an example from Kleppner and Ramsey's Quick Calculus showing Frames 25 and 26:

enter image description here

The closest answer I have found is by Yiannis Lazarides on https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/46593/234330. His full code is available on his Github page.

But as a LaTeX newbie, I do not know of an elegant and efficient way to create this as a template for an entire book. Any suggestions on how I can proceed or where I can read more about how to achieve this?


It's easy to build this frames with a tcolorbox:



\newtcolorbox[use counter=framecounter]{myframe}{%
    empty, breakable, title={\thetcbcounter\ }, 
    attach boxed title to top left, left=0pt, right=0pt,
    boxed title style={empty}, coltitle=black, 
    overlay ={\draw (title.east)--(title.center-|frame.east);},
    after upper = {\par\hfill Go to \the\numexpr\theframecounter+1\relax}}





enter image description here

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