Typesetting a book with mostly unnamed, but numbered, chapters. Someone helped me make the below, but the errors I added myself. This is based on Memoir's "brotherton" style:


\newcommand{\numtodanishword}[1]{\ifcase\value{chapter}?\or first\or second\else ?\fi}
    {\printchaptername \chapternamenum \printchapternum}
    {\printchapternum \chapternamenum \printchaptername}
\ifanappendix \thechapter \else \large\MakeUppercase{\numtodanishword{\value{chapter}}}\fi}
\setlength{\afterchapskip}{-10pt} % I think I done goofed here



A numbered chapter.


A starred chapter.


As you can see, the vertical spacing after the "regular" chapter is okay:

Proper spacing

... But look at the starred chapter:

Wrong spacing

I think the error lies in the \afterchapskip line, as I have noted in the code. To make matters worse, I have already typeset a lot of pages -- so I'm looking to get the same spacing that the current code gives -- but I want it for starred chapters as well!

How to fix?

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Change this

\setlength{\afterchapskip}{-10pt} % I think I done goofed here

to this that will solve the issue

\setlength{\afterchapskip}{0pt} % I think I done goofed here

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