Here is the diagram I want to draw:

enter image description here


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    Try with tikz-cd.
    – Zarko
    Feb 2 at 14:14
  • @Zarko could you tell me some more details please? Feb 2 at 14:24

Just sit down and read the manual of tikz-cd:



\begin{tikzcd}[row sep=huge]
H_{\bullet}(\Sigma X)
   \arrow[dr,bend right,"\Delta"'] &
H_{\bullet}(\Sigma X\vee\Sigma X)
  \arrow[r,"(f\vee g)_*"]
  \arrow[d,shift right=0.5em,"j?"'] &
H_{\bullet}(Y) \\
& H_{\bullet}(\Sigma X)\oplus H_{\bullet}(\Sigma X)
  \arrow[u,shift right=0.5em,"i_{1*}\oplus i_{2*}"']
  \arrow[ur,bend right,"f_*\oplus g_*"']


enter image description here

Let's examine one of the arrows

\arrow[dr,bend right,"\Delta"']

We want it to go down and right, with a bend to the right (the logic about the direction is not immediate), with a label \Delta on the right side of the arrow (denoted by the prime).

Right and left are determined like for rivers: imagine to be at the source and to be looking towards the end.

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