I am trying to insert a footnote to my document. However, the footnote is on the next page. Furthermore, the numeration of the footnote is wrong as well. Specifically, I have the my table set as a tabular inside a center environment to keep the table in-place within my text.

Does anyone know, how to fix this?



   $N_V$ & = & Dimension des Eigenvektors $V$  &$\qquad$& $ V\textsubscript{k}$ &=& kter Eigenvektor der Korrelationsmatrix\\
   $p_{sub}$ & = & Signal-Unterraum  &  $\qquad$      &  $e(f)$  &=& komplexe Exponentialfunktion\tablefootnote{Dieser Term wird benötigt, um eine Fourier-Transformation mit dem Term $V\textsubscript{k}\textsuperscript{H} * e(f)$ zu ermöglichen.}\\

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    Is this tabular of yours close to the bottom boundary of the page? Can you provide some visuals of the two pages it currently is associated with?
    – Werner
    Feb 2 at 17:08
  • @Werner I added two pages. The first contains the footnote in the table (10), the second one the footnote outside the table.
    – Adam
    Feb 2 at 17:27
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    Try adding \usepackage{float} to your preamble (if you haven't already) and then using \begin{table}[H] ... \end{table} instead of \begin{center} ... \end{center}.
    – Werner
    Feb 2 at 18:32
  • Thank you, it worked!
    – Adam
    Feb 2 at 18:36

tablefootnote explicitly states in the documentation that it

... provides the command \tablefootnote to be used in a table or sidewaystable environment ...

Since you've set your tabular inside a center environment, the "delayed" printing of the actual footnote doesn't occur the way it should. Also, since center is probably meant as a table-in-place, the following solution should prove sufficient: Add \usepackage{float} to your preamble (if you haven't already) and set the centered tabular inside a \begin{table}[H]...\end{table} construction.

% <your preamble>

% <your in-place-table>
% <tabular with \tablefootnote>

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