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Here I want to link the words 'Round 1 Problem 1', 'Round 1 Problem 2' to the words 'A 1', 'A 2' of the second page (The picture just below). So that whenever I click on Round 1 Problem 1 it takes me to A 1enter image description here Now again in the second page I want to link the word 'A 1' to the words of 'A 1' the third page (The picture just below) so that whenever I click on A 1 on second page it takes me to the Solution of the A 1

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I am using hyperlink and hypertarget for this. Here is the code i am using.


\section*{\huge{\underline{Round 1 Problems}}}
    \mybox{\hyperlink{R1P1}{Round 1 P1}} \\ \vspace{4mm}
    \mybox{Round 1 P2}\\ \vspace{4mm}
    \mybox{Round 1 P3} \\ \vspace{4mm}
    \mybox{Round 1 P4} \\ \vspace{4mm}
    \mybox{Round 1 P5}} \\ \vspace{4mm}
    \mybox{Round 1 P6} \\  \vspace{4mm}
\section*{\huge{\underline{Round 2 Problems}}}
    \mybox{Round 2 P1} \\ \vspace{4mm}
    \mybox{Round 2 P2} \\ \vspace{4mm}
    \mybox{Round 2 P3} \\ \vspace{4mm}
    \mybox{Round 2 P4} \\ \vspace{4mm}
    \mybox{Round 2 P5} \\ \vspace{4mm}
    \mybox{Round 2 P6} \\ \vspace{4mm}

\mybox{{Problem 1 : }}
Prove the inequality which states that if you let $x_{1}, x_{2}, \ldots, x_{n}$ be positive real numbers, with $n \geq 2,$ then you have the inequality
\frac{x_{1}}{x_{2}+x_{3}+\cdots+x_{n}}+\frac{x_{2}}{x_{1}+x_{3}+x_{4}+\cdots+x_{n}}+\cdots+\frac{x_{n}}{x_{1}+x_{2}+\cdots+x_{n-1}} \geq \frac{n}{n-1}
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    We need some more information to help you. At least a some code which shows what are you using. – Ignasi Feb 5 at 15:15
  • It sounds like tcolorbox can be a way. – NBur Feb 5 at 15:18

You can nest a \hypertarget inside a \hyperlink, if you want. But even the following works without problem:

enter image description here




Jump to \hyperlink{Problem-1}{Problem~1}.






Clicking on the first Problem 1 jumps you to Problem 1. Clicking on Problem 1 jumps you to Solution 1. The key is to use unique target names.

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