I'm fairly unexperienced with LaTeX, but I'm currently working on a cookbook using the package xcookybooky. I have made a number of modifications to the design to fit my own needs, but I'm currently stuck with a little problem. I want each page to have a footer that describes the current section, subsection and page. Unfortunately it seems that xcookybooky is renewing the command for changing to footer in its code with no way of modification. The code can be seen in the documentation in section 6.12.

\markright{\MakeUppercase{\thesection.\ #1}}

Is there a way to ignore / manually overwrite this behaviour, so I can customize the content of the footer to my liking?

  • What happens if you add your own \fancyhead and \fancyfoot commands after \usepackage{xcokkybooky}? – gernot Feb 7 at 18:23

I just solved it thanks to gernot's comment! I'm not specifically overwriting any behaviour but I found which mistake I personally made.

I have each recipe as a individual .tex files. I just noticed that in the template those .tex files have a \thispagestyle{plain}. Removing it solves the problem and I can set my own fancy footer.

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