I use numbers with hyphens in them with certain commands. For example:


If I use \orcid{0000-0002-1825-0097} on a line, chktex will warn me that Wrong length of dash may have been used. [8]. Is there a way to disable only the dash warning within the arguments to the \orcid command? I'm tired of putting % chktex 8 at the end of each of these lines. The other alternative I can think of is just to add orcid to WipeArg, which will ignore all warnings but I'd prefer to only ignore the dash warning.

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The way that I would recommend is to add \orcid to WipeArg. There's no way (currently) to disable a single warning within the argument of only some commands. I have thought in the past of allowing regular expressions to happen either before or after WipeArg (right now they are after).

I guess you could add \orcid to MathCmd at which point a single dash is the expected format. But that changes the warnings that apply—what warnings would you like to still apply to the argument of \orcid?

Full Disclosure: I am the current maintainer of ChkTeX, though I haven't been keeping up with bug reports very well in the last bit. Feel free to open a ticket at https://savannah.nongnu.org/bugs/?group=chktex to keep track of it.

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