I am trying to customize the \part{ } numbering as it appears in my Table of Contents. Currently, when I use \part{Stuff}, it appears in the TOC as:

"I Stuff (long whitespace) 2"

The trailing 2 in this case is the page number. I would like to change the roman I that marks part 1 to a custom label, specifically I would like it to look like this,

"Part I - Stuff (long whitespace) 2"

and for subsequent part labels to follow this formatting (Part II - , Part III - , etc.). Is this possible? It seems that an alternative would be to remove the number label entirely and simply include "Part I" in the { }, but I would need the label to be left-justified correctly.



Renewing the \cftpartpresnum command provided by the tocloft package should do what you want.



\renewcommand{\cftpartpresnum}{Part }

    \part{Part 1}
    \part{Part 2}

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