FTS plot with mean

I have a simple question I want to reduce the text size which is Hours and the Electricity spot price, please help me how to solve my problem

  • Welcome to TeX.SE! How you draw this graph? If you use pgfplots package for this, than you can change font size by ticklabel style={font=<size>}. For more help please provide a small but compilable document with your diagram., – Zarko Feb 23 at 8:25
  • thanks, a lot Zarko for your response, I have a picture in png format it's looking too awkward, having a large text size on both axes, so how I can reduce the text size. – faheem jan Feb 23 at 8:34
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    A png is a bitmap image, so it's just pixel; you can manipulate it with painting programs (like the gimp). You better option would be to find the source data and create a vector image. – Rmano Feb 23 at 8:41
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    unfortunately then there is not much chance of anything being done. You actual need to redraw this image (to make diagram higher, to reduce used font sizes etc). Now is really ugly. – Zarko Feb 23 at 8:44
  • Thanks, Rmano for your response ok I am trying – faheem jan Feb 23 at 8:52


This figure was made by clipping the published figure and inserting it into a 3x3 tabular environment (using the nicematrix package) to add the labels and the axis numbers. This allowed to change the font and its size.

I think it is a viable alternative if you had the original figure at full resolution.

Cropped figure plot_cr.jpg used.

enter image description here





    \sffamily \footnotesize
    \begin{NiceTabular}{c c c }
        \Block{}{\rotate  Electricity Spot prices}&  \Block{2-1}{\rotate \hspace{30pt} 2 \hspace{18pt} 4 \hspace{18pt} 6} & \includegraphics[width=200pt, height=92pt]{plot_cr} \\  
        & &  \Block[l]{}{\hspace{11pt}0.0 \hspace{49pt} 0.4 \hspace{49pt} 0.8}\\[3pt]   
        & & Hours \\    

I used nicematrix because the resulting code is more compact. The command \Block replaces multicolumn and multirow. It needs to be compile twice the first time.

The essence of the proposed alternative solution will work also with other tabular environments.

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